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Alloy #1
 Low Temp, Multi-Metal
Alloy #5
 Silver Solder

Chuck Hungerford


Major Developments in metal-bonding technology offer shops repair options
Now anyone, using propane, mapp gas or oxy-acetylene (depending on size and thickness) can do professional-quality work on thin aluminum, pot metal, cast iron, steel (mild, stainless, and galvanized), sheet metal, copper, brass, bronze, pewter, lead, zinc die-cast, gold, silver, or bond most dissimilar metals.
The Super Alloy line of rods and fluxes have been featured in hundreds of magazines internationally…because they work.  They are easy and fast, while producing extraordinary strength and appearance.
All three rods are machinable (build up, grind, drill, tap, thread), with no porosity whatsoever.  Consequently, they take plating beautifully.
Hundreds of new car dealerships are now using Super Alloys in their service departments and bodyshops to make profitable, time-saving repairs that were formerly not considered.
75 % of radiator and air conditioning specialists, nationally, use Super Alloy rods and fluxes.
A brief, “hands-on” demonstration in your shop will convince you this is real, not exaggeration.  Prices are reduced considerably at demonstration.
Now, you can easily make the same repairs in your shop or at home using the Super Alloy techniques and technology.
With the magic of Alloys #1, #5, and SS6, you no longer need to be a welding wizard to repair or fabricate virtually every kind of metal.  Nor do you need to spend months in class, or thousands of dollars on equipment.
These are NOT swap meet, state fair, “popcan”, gun show, boat show, late-night infomercial rods.   Alloys 1, 5 and SS6 are vastly superior.
Using ALLOY # 1 and a soft flame from a propane torch, this large gap was repaired quickly and  easily.  Alloy # 1 flows at only 350 degrees and gives 20,000 psi strength.  "...Alloy one is a small rod with tremendous bonding strength.  It is compatible with almost everything...even pot metal..." - Rod and Custom magazine.

Using ALLOY# 5, these two repairs were made in about 30 seconds by a novice.  The  thin a.c. line was greasy inside and impossible condition for repair in the past.  Alloy #5 flux cleans, while removing all oxides from the aluminum, creating a surface where the rod flows like butter on hot corn. The repairs give 30,000 psi holding strength.

Using SS6 SILVER SOLDER and an oxyacetylene torch, a novice is repairing a $595 jeep exhaust manifold that three professionals turned down.  SS6 will give 100,000 psi strength, and works equally well on cast iron, stainless and mild steel, brass, bronze and copper…or any combination together.